• Aanbeveling • Rolly Sharma • Recommendation • January 2019

Mada is an excellent teacher. She is very experienced and Professional. She is enthusiastic and perfect choice not only for the beginners but also for those who want to excel the language (high level courses). I took my first Dutch lessons (course) from her and I had such a wonderful experience.
She has a very interesting and variant way of teaching like with puzzles, songs,  Idioms, proverbs and interactive outing. After each class we use to get some exercises as homework from her which is very important for learning and  she took some tests to encourage us to learn fast. She also encouraged us to speak in Dutch all the time during our classes. When we were making mistakes she helped us  to understand the thesaurus of the word which really helped me to remember the words.
She was very flexible as well. We took lesson while work so we had to cancel some classes because of meetings and adjust out timing. She was always happy to make adjustments according to us. Sometimes we were late in our class but she was extremely understanding and patient with the us throughout our course. She also helped our colleagues (other students) to prepare for Dutch exam even though it wasn’t the part of our course. I absolutely recommend her for beginners and also for someone who preparing for Dutch exam (inburgeren).

Thanks and Regards,
Rolly Sharma
NIBC Bank N.V.

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• Aanbeveling • Ritu Raj • Recommendation • November 2018

मादा उन बेहतरीन शिक्षकों में से एक है जिनके साथ मैंने कोचिंग की है। शिक्षण का उनका तरीका बहुत आसान और आरामदायक है। उसके पास एक महान शिक्षण अनुभव है और शिक्षण का उसका आसान तरीका आपको आसानी से डच भाषा को समझने में मदद करता है।
मैंने एनआईबीसी, द हेग में कोचिंग की।
उसके कोचिंग ने मुझे नीदरलैंड इनबर्गरिन परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण करने में भी मदद की।
वह आपके शेड्यूल में बहुत समायोजित है। उसने मुझे अब एक मजबूत आधार दिया है जहां से मैं सुधार जारी रख सकता हूं।
मैं मादा को सभी के लिए डच भाषा शिक्षक के रूप में अनुशंसा करता हूं।
रितु राज
एनआईबीसी बैंक एन.वी.
सूचान प्रौद्योगिकी

Mada is one of the best teachers I have had coaching with. Her way of teaching is very easy and comfortable. She has a great teaching experience and her easy way of teaching helps you understand the dutch language with ease.
I did the coaching at NIBC, The Hague.
Her coaching also helped me pass Netherlands Inburgerin exams.

She is very adjusting to your schedules. She has given me a strong base now from where I can continue to improve.

I would recommend Mada as dutch language teacher for all.

Best regards,

Ritu Raj

NIBC Bank N.V.
Information Technology

• Aanbeveling • Sandugash Sembinova • Recommendation • October 2018

Мада – энергичный , квалифицированный педагог. Ее солидный опыт работы в области преподавания очень впечатляет, в то же время она сочетает его с творческими элементами.
В результате студенты были мотивированы и с нетерпением ждали занятий с Мадой.
Я рекомендую Маду .
с уважением,
Сандугаш Сембинова

I had a pleasure to have Dutch classes organized in NIBC premises for several months by Mada.
Mada is extremely energetic and  enthusiastic teacher. Her  solid work experience  in teaching area is very impressive, at the same time she combines it with fun and creative elements, so we were learning Dutch in a chilled and relaxed way.
As a result students were motivated and looking forward for  a classes with Mada.
I recommend Mada as a teacher.

Best regards,

Sandugash Sembinova
Contract and Vendor Management

NIBC Bank N.V.
Information Technology

• Aanbeveling • Valerie Zen-Ruffinen • Recommendation • October 2018

Ich sprach schon gut Niederländisch, bevor ich meine Stunden mit Mada begann. Mir war vor allem wichtig, die Schönheitsfehler auszubessern und gewisse Grammatikfragen im Detail zu erläutern, so wie auch sicherer zu werden in meiner Aussprache. Mada hat mir dabei sehr geholfen. Jede Stunde war anders aufgebaut, so dass es nie langweilig  wurde. Mit verschienden Hilfsmitteln (Bücher, Audio, Spielekarten, Bilder etc.) war jede Stunde mit Mada interessant, abwechslungs- und lehrreich.

Ik sprak al goed Nederlands voor ik mijn lessen met Mada begon. Voor mij was het belangrijkste, mijn “schoonheidsfoutjes” te verbeteren en enkele grammatica vragen in het detail te bekijken. Ik wou me ook veiliger voelen in mijn uitspraak. Mada heeft me ermee heel veel geholpen. Elke les was anders opgebouwt, zodat het nooit saai was. Door haar gebruik van verschillende hulpsmiddel, b.v. boeken, audio, speelkartjes, foto’s etc.. was elke les met Mada interessant, afwisselend en leerzaam.

• Aanbeveling • Alexandra Halász • Recommendation • August 2018

Ik ben erg blij met de lessen van Mada die altijd vrolijk en motiverend is. Binnen een paar weken mijn luisteren en spreken vaardigheden verbeterden heel veel. We gebruiken verschillende boeken, en de lessen zijn altijd aangepast aan jouw behoeften. Met Mada heb je ook lessen buiten het klaslokaal dat vind ik ook een leuk manier van leren. Ik beval Mada aan idereen die Nedelands wil leren in een vrolijk atmosfeer met de beste lerares.
Nagyon elégedett vagyok Mada óráival és mindenkinek ajánlom Őt, aki vidám hangulatban szeretne hollandul tanulni.

• Aanbeveling • Quyn Thu Nguyen and Ian Dundas • Recommendation • May 2018

Teacher Mada is energiek, gepassioneerd en altijd vrolijk.
De lessen met haar helpen mij om met vertrouwen Nederlands te spreken.
Cô Mada tâm huyết, nhiệt tình và lúc nào cũng vui vẻ. Những buổi học với cô đã giúp tôi tự tin rất nhiều trong việc nói tiếng Hà Lan.
Quyn, Vietnam.

Mada brings her lifetime’s experience as a primary school teacher to each lesson, making each lesson varied using games and other interactive activities to make it fun. She customises the lessons to fit our learning styles, specifically addressing any weak points, and really puts a tonne of effort into planning each season. We warmly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Dutch! Ian.

• Aanbeveling • Marat Sharifullin • Recommendation • February 2018

Mada is een leraar met veel ervaring. Zij kan een unike programma voor iedereen maken. Wij gebruiken verschillende leerboeken tijdens onze lessen.
Мада – преподаватель с большим опытом. Может подобрать уникальную программу для каждого. Использует множество различного материала в обучении.

• Aanbeveling • Martin Panther • Recommendation • November 2017

Recommended – Mada is flexible, enthusiastic and personal
Mada, is a great teacher who is flexible, enthusiastic and personal. Being dyslexic I find learning languages very difficult. Mada’s enthusiasm makes learning enjoyable, plus she tailor makes her lessons for your personal needs. For me, lessons are broken down into bit size pieces, and topics are chosen where I want to develop. One of Mada’s best teaching quality’s is her ability to help you learn how to pronunciation Dutch words correct.

• Aanbeveling • Mayumi Ito • Recommendation • October 2017

Very enjoyable lessons!
She is the one whom I was looking for as a Dutch teacher! I’ve been able to learn from her not only Dutch but also the culture, the custom, the food, the history… Anything! It’s really ” gezellig” to be in her lesson.

• Aanbeveling • Yunju • Recommendation • August 2017

고맙습니다, 마다 !
Mada is more than just a Dutch language teacher. She is a enthusiastic and remarkable person and I feel lucky to meet her as a Dutch teacher. I also took a group lesson at the big institution in Amsterdam, but you can not compare with Mada’s. With the tailor-made lessons with her, it gives me an opportunity to work on areas of my particular interest or concern. I truly enjoy the lesson with her. And I feel like home when I am with her.
Ik vind Mada een pittige vrouw 🙂

• Aanbeveling • Asia • Recommendation • August 2017

Nauka z Mada to prawdziwa przygoda. Zajęcia urozmaicone i ciekawie prowadzone, dostosowane moich potrzeb. Nasze lekcje to nie tylko rozmowy i ćwiczenia, to coś więcej. To zabawa. Pewnego dnia zabrała mnie do biblioteki. Dzięki jej pomocy odkryłam, że z łatwością mogę już czytać książki w tym języku. To fascynujące. Polecam.

Les met Mada is een echt avontuur. Onze lestijden zijn afwisselende en interessante. Vooral zijn ze aan mijn behoeften aangepasten. Onze lessen zijn iets meer dan alleen gesprek en oefening. Dat is een spel. Op een dag nam ze me mee naar de bibliotheek. Met haar hulp heb ik ontdekt dat ik gemakkelijk boeken al kan lezen in deze taal. Het was fascinerend. Dat is gezellig met Mada te leren.

• Aanbeveling • Yesenia Nava Estevanott • Recommendation • July 2017

De todas las profesoras que he tenido, puedo decir con certeza que Mada es la mejor! Desde el primer día de clases, ella ha sido no solo mi profesora de holandés, pero también una buena amiga. Las dos horas de clases pasan volando!… No solo he aprendido gramática, y como mejorar mi pronunciación en holandés, pero también la calidez de la cultura holandesa.

De Lessen zijn altijd anders, als het slecht weer is, dan gaan wij het les binnen hebben, maar als het mooi weer is, dan gaan wij lekker naar buiten om de les te hebben, in de tuin of lekker naar de dieretuin of Haarlem Centrum.
Het is altijd leuk Nederlands te leren met Mada!

• Aanbeveling • Victoria Ferrero • Recommendation • November 2016

I have been really lucky to have met such an amazing and powerful woman as Mada that made me learn from zero, the basics of Dutch in a few weeks, combining perfectly fun and concentration all in once. I didn’t think I would be able to learn such a difficult language in such a short time, but with Mada I was able not to only speak some fluent Dutch, but also be absorbed by her wonderful lessons and enjoy the time I spent with her. She made two hours feel like two minutes. Finally, I must mention that she even took me to the zoo one day, and I can definitely tell that it was amazing and I really appreciated the way she made classes so original and different from other teachers. I highly recommend her as an incredible Dutch teacher with whom you’ll feel that you’re actually learning the language in a crazy and interesting method.

• Aanbeveling • Bethan Phipps • Recommendation • June 2016

I began private lessons with Mada from Ja/Yes after moving from England to Haarlem, I was a complete beginner in not only the Dutch language but in learning a second language.
Mada first helped me set up my goals, what I needed from the language and made a plan on how to get there. I am a Chiropractor and to communicate with patients I needed a high level of understanding and speaking, but also I needed a wide range medical vocabulary. Mada focussed my lessons towards those topics in medicine, we had lessons that role-played patient/doctor conversations to act out common scenarios in my profession and she helped me translate important sentences that I would be using every day. Due to the fact Mada set up a very strong foundation in my understanding of the language and worked meticulously on my pronunciation, it made each challenge easier. Mada has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she happily teaches me in my home and with my ever-changing timetable with patients to she has been accommodating and versatile to my needs. She is able to answer my never-ending questions and always makes me feel relaxed when learning. The lessons have been fun and she uses a variety of materials to study from, keeping the lessons entertaining but also making it interactive which is a lot easier to learn. We have even had active lessons outside the house, to interact with other people and improving the learning experience.
I cannot recommend Mada highly enough; she has not only been my language teacher, but my personal cheerleader for when I could not see my own progress. Also, you get stickers.