‘Ja, Nederlands leren’ door Mada van Paridon, bevoegd docent,  biedt lessen Nederlands op maat

Yes, Learning Dutch by Mada van Paridon, offers tailor-made lessons by a qualified teacher



• Enthousiast | Enthusiastic

• Flexibel | Flexible

• Praktijkgericht | Hands-on


…고맙습니다, 마다 !… Yunju
…Mada = MA DAR do uczenia. Nauka z Mada to prawdziwa przygoda… Asia
…De todas las profesoras que he tenido, puedo decir con certeza que Mada es la mejor!… Yesenia Nava Estevanott
…I really appreciated the way she made classes so original and different from other teachers. She made two hours feel like two minutes… Victoria Ferrero
…I cannot recommend Mada highly enough; she has not only been my language teacher, but my personal cheerleader for when I could not see my own progress… Bethan Phipps

K.v.K. nummer: 64248267, BTW nummer: 130088420B01