‘Ja, Nederlands leren’ door Mada van Paridon, bevoegd docent,  biedt lessen Nederlands op maat

‘Yes, Learning Dutch’ by Mada van Paridon, offers tailor-made lessons by a qualified teacher



• Enthousiast | Enthusiastic

• Flexibel | Flexible

• Praktijkgericht | Hands-on

• e-lessen mogelijk | e-lessons possible

• ook wandellessen | walk&talk lessons too


Who am I?

I started my teaching career as a primary school teacher in Amsterdam Bos en Lommer and worked there for 17 years. A lot of my pupils had a Turkish or Moroccan background. After this I worked for 13 years in the beautiful Royal Amsterdam Zoo Artis as a teacher with pupils of 4-18 years old. I taught them all about nature conservation, durability, biology, in short: love for nature. In 2015 I started my own company Yes, Learning Dutch for non-Dutch speaking adults and the first 2 years I combined this with teaching young children from Syria at a primary school.

In my Dutch lessons I like to use a lot of different tools to make my lessons fun, creative and interactive. I feel that my background as a primary schoolteacher really helps to make my lessons as interesting and variable as possible! It’s very important for me that my students will totally feel at home during my classes because I think this is essential for learning a new language.

Hope I can welcome you soon!

Listen to my work (in Dutch) on this podcast by Anne-Marij In gesprek met Anne-Marij

For all recommendations in full see: Aanbevelingen | Recommendations

…Mada is a highly experienced Dutch teacher who exudes friendliness and makes learning incredibly fun…Dominika
…Mada jest najlepszą nauczycielką Holenderskiego jaką kiedykolwiek miałam…Magda
…I had the pleasure of learning Dutch with an exceptional teacher who truly embodies the essence of learning with fun and enthusiasm…Nimish
…You can’t make a wrong choice taking her as your teacher!…Gargi Sharma
…Mada has helped me go from zero Dutch to speaking it with confidence….Lorna
…So I started to study Dutch with Mada and I am very happy about that…Vlad Smolinskii
…Уроците при Мада са забавни, интерактивни и наистина напредвам с езика…Alexander&Vasilena
…I would highly recommend Mada as a teacher for whatever level Dutch you are trying to learn… Kyle
…Mada ha reso le lezioni divertenti e adattate alle esigenze di ciascuno di noi… Tatiana&Marco
…Wenn du also jemanden suchst auf eine individuelle Art und Weise Holländisch zu lernen, empfehle zu 100 Prozent Mada als Lehrerin zu haben… Melanie Genssler
…The teacher motivates me and arouses my enthusiasm to learn more…. Muhammad Javaid
…Obrigada Mada, tem sido uma aventura muito interessante aprender holandês consigo!… Beatriz Coelho
…Mada has a lot of patience and understanding with her students which you can imagine is absolutely needed when you are learning a second language being in your 30s and having a full time job. Even during the corona we continue our lessons in the online world… Anna Usachova
…Mada es el puente entre tu lugar de origen y Holanda…cruzarlo con ella es mucho más fácil y en compañía… Bárbara Contreras López
…Con ella aprenderás holandés y la cultura del país sin que te resulte nada aburrido. Gracia Artigas
…我很喜歡跟她學習。… Una
…Mada has been a blessing for our family! She is always very professional, engaging and fun … We highly recommend her!… Marco and Mia Ventura
…She is patient, she can tailor the lesson to your need and even to your busy schedules!… Cecile Thiebaut
…It was obvious that Mada builds her lessons around the individual to ensure that they get the most out of their time. I could not recommend her lessons enough!… David Breeze
…De les van Mada is een aanrader voor iemand die werkt en zijn Nederlands verbeteren wil… Siriman Sissoko
…I have tried other language schools and nothing beats Mada’s method, cannot recommend enough! ***** Donna Mc Cormack
…She helped me prepare for a specific, career oriented exam with carefully tailored lessons… Carly Zuehlke DC, CCSP, MS, FIC
…Mada is an excellent teacher. She is enthusiastic and perfect choice not only for the beginners but also for those who want to excel the language (high level courses)… Rolly Sharma
…मादा उन बेहतरीन शिक्षकों में से एक है जिनके साथ मैंने कोचिंग की है।… Ritu Raj
…Мада – энергичный , квалифицированный педагог… Sandukash Sembinova
…Mit verschienden Hilfsmitteln (Bücher, Audio, Spielekarten, Bilder etc.) war jede Stunde mit Mada interessant, abwechslungs- und lehrreich… Valerie Zen-Ruffinen
…Nagyon elégedett vagyok Mada óráival és mindenkinek ajánlom Őt, aki vidám hangulatban szeretne hollandul tanulni… Alexandra
…Cô Mada tâm huyết, nhiệt tình và lúc nào cũng vui vẻ… Quyn Thu Nguyen
…We warmly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Dutch!… Ian Dundas
…Мада – преподаватель с большим опытом… Marat Sharifullin
…Mada is flexible, enthusiastic and personal… Martin Panther
…She is the one whom I was looking for as a Dutch teacher!… Mayumi Ito
…고맙습니다, 마다 !… Yunju
…Mada = MA DAR do uczenia. Nauka z Mada to prawdziwa przygoda… Asia
…De todas las profesoras que he tenido, puedo decir con certeza que Mada es la mejor!… Yesenia Nava Estevanott
…I really appreciated the way she made classes so original and different from other teachers. She made two hours feel like two minutes… Victoria Ferrero
…I cannot recommend Mada highly enough; she has not only been my language teacher, but my personal cheerleader for when I could not see my own progress… Bethan Phipps


All language courses are given in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR)

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K.v.K. nummer: 64248267, BTW nummer: 130088420B01